The Transformers are a choir whose members experience disadvantage in their communities. Most choir members have been referred to Reclink Australia by disability and homelessness support organisations in inner-city Brisbane.

The choir is based on Reclink Australia’s hugely successful Choir of Hard Knocks. However the choir has significant differences and is proud of its aims and identity and has over its life-time, forged its own unique identity and public profile.

The Transformers started in January 2009 and rehearses 40 weeks each year in inner-city Windsor. There is always great interest from many agencies in referring new members and The Transformers will soon be soon be inviting new members
The Transformers are supported by a number of paid workers and volunteers. Key positions are:

  • Music Director – Rosalind Perry
  • Manager – Mike Meade
  • Support Coordinators – Una Harkin and Brian Procopis
  • Accompanist – Dave Crane
  • State Manager Reclink Australia – Steve Hutchinson

The Transformers choir has performed in a number of events and venues some friendly and intimate and others large and somewhat intimidating. Whatever the circumstances, the choir always rises to the occasion and gives an entertaining and heartwarming performance.

But being a part of The Transformers is not so much about performance as it is just about singing and being together. Walk in to any rehearsal and you won’t know who choir members are and who the volunteers are. And that’s exactly how it should be. Everybody is part of the choir, in spirit and in voice. The volunteers support the choir members and the choir supports the volunteers.

For many of us, it’s a chance to be around like-minded folk, with a chance to socialise and of course sing. Some would find it difficult to belong to a mainstream choir, though not because of lack of talent or passion.

Choir rehearsals are usually filled with as much laughter as beautiful music. Though it is disciplined, as it should be, to learn sometimes complex vocal parts, Music Director Rosalind always creates a fun atmosphere in which to practice and learn.

Rehearsals usually start with warm ups, some for the vocal chords and some for the body and spirit. Then it’s down to work and fun whether it is singing an old favourite or learning a new song. Kiri will patiently go over each of the parts for the separate sections of the choir, easily switching from one part to the other. Keeping everyone in the right tempo and key is accompanist Dave who is sometimes joined by chief songwriter Brian Procopis on guitar.

At the end of rehearsals, everyone joins together for a communal and delicious lunch provided by a group of ladies who the choir calls affectionately ‘The Beautiful Girls’. This wonderful group lead by  Julie and Di, provide, prepare and serve lunch at every rehearsal as well as being more happy smiling faces contributing to the warm atmosphere of The Transformers’ rehearsals.

At the end of the day, everyone leaves with their spirits recharged and with a song in their hearts.
The Transformers is about music and companionship transforming our lives.

These are some of the highlights for The Transformers:

  • Performed with the team from SBS’ Rock Quiz as part of the Queensland Music Festival
  • Performed with Deborah Conway at the Happiness Convention (to an audience of 2,500
  • Sang in a private audience for His Holiness The Dalai Lama
  • Recorded an original song as part of the CD ‘Songs for Queensland’ (in which community choirs each contributed a song to raise money for flood and cyclone relief) – hear this song on our ‘Listen to Us’ page
  • Performed in the Brisbane Mall as part of Mental Health Week celebrations
  • Recorded their own song ‘What More Do We Need’
  • Released song (onto Itunes and Youtube) with launch at State Library of Queensland
  • Celebrated a successful 2011 with a wonderful Christmas party and performance for friends and family
  • Performed at Woodford Folk Festival