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 We Still Like To Sing

The Transformers ended 2015 with a great concert, followed by a final choir day celebrating Christmas and another fun year.

I Like To Sing was the final performance for the choir for 2015 and it was a very enjoyable afternoon for both performers and audience.  The concert was held on a warm Sunday afternoon in December at the very beautiful venue, Queensland Terrace at State Library of Queensland.  SLQ have long been very supportive of The Transformers and gracefully joined with us in producing this event which allowed us the use of venue.

The choir was supported by Good Company, an accapella vocal group. This group, directed by Erin Murphy includes some of Brisbane’s finest singers, including Transformers own Musical Director, Rosalind Perry. It was a great set and a wonderful opening to the afternoon.

Following Good Company were a few solo spots from some of the Transformers Team who are part of or support the choir. This included choir accompanist Dave Crane and volunteer Robert Ahoon.

But the energy lifted even further when the choir took to the stage for a very heartfelt and enjoyable set.

Then it was time for some quick but sincere acknowledgements for all those who are directly involved in supporting the choir, including special Reclink awards to volunteer Una Harkin and Brian Procopis.

The choir was then joined by Good Company for one of their newer songs, ‘Small Things’, written by the choir with a little help from Brian. It was a great happy ending to a very successful day.

A last choir day was a fun end of year/Christmas party with lots of singing and lots of laughter.

Choir commences again on 27th January. We are looking for new members so if you know of anyone for whom the choir might be suitable, please contact me.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

Thanks to all of you reading this for your love and support of the choir and music.

Mike Meade – Manager, The Transformers
0412 167 251